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Summer has finally hit NYC this week and women are donning their summer dresses and trying out new looks. The hottest trend? A Blue/Green eye. Not like, 80’s blue where you pile frosty shadow from your lashline to your eyebrow. Here are some tips on how to rock this trend right.

Air Guitar by Urban Decay

Blue Glitter Eyeliner

A little of this goes a looong way. Find a blue glitter eyeliner, such as Air Guitar from Urban Decay and draw a very thin line from the top inner corner

of your eye and sweep out. Don’t wear shadow with this look and don’t make the line

too thick. This will overpower the liner and make you look like a crazed mermaid.

Green Eye Shadow

There is something incredibly fun about painting your lids in a color that’s as bold as vibrant green. MAC just released a collection of shadows called “Surf, Baby!” These limited edition shadows are perfect for the summer. Start by applying a sheer, shimmery light gold to your entire lid. Be sure to highlight your inner eye and browbone for some drama. I recommend using “Short Shorts” for this step. Then take a green like “Surf USA” and sweep out from the middle of your eyelid and just beyond the outer corners. Work some of the shadow up to the crease and blend so that you don’t have a hard division of the two colors. For a nighttime look, add a thin line of black eyeliner and tons of mascara.

Surf USA by MAC

Once you are all pretty, go out and find yourself a girl. Good luck, ladies!