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The DVD image for The Real L Word is Scissors...homo they didn't.

It’s Real L Word Season! The second season of this groundbreaking reality show starts June 5th on Showtime. It’s been great for lesbian visibility…but I’m beginning to think that it’s giving straight people the wrong impression. It’s impossible for any show to capture the diversity that exists in our community. So lets take a chill pill and laugh at some of the stereotypes that can be drawn from the franchise we love to hate and hate to love!

1) 90% of all lesbians are hair/makeup artists. How the hell did Illene Chaiken even find so many lesbian hair/makeup artists? Alyssa, Whitney, Romi, Sara, Raquel, etc. Apparently, that’s the field to get into if you want to be a trendy lez.

2) We all have tattoos, at least a half sleeve. I have none! But everyone in the Real L Word universe seems to have millions. The end credits should include the names of their tattoo artists. I’m looking for a good one.

3) Lesbians love hats. This is especially true in the upcoming season of the show. Romi is rocking a pork pie, Cori loves her ascot, Sara only wears bowlers and a smile and Whitney will put anything on her head. Ok fine, maybe this one is actually true.

4) We love having sex on camera! For everyone to see! Sorry to burst your bubble straight male popular. We actually don’t.

5) We don’t have straight girlfriends. Actually we do! They are great because we can’t sleep with them and complicate our lives. So next time you see a lesbian say hi, we are a friendly peoples.

Did I leave anything out? What other misconceptions do you think people have because of the Real L Word?