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Despite the fact that I’m trying to hold onto summer tooth and nail, it appears that Fall is upon us. The only upside to summer being over is that fall fashion is one of the best times of the year. Knee high boot season? Yes please.

I have to admit I’m in a bit of a fall nail polish rut. Ever since OPI came out with their Russian line in 2007, I’ve been keeping my nails short and dark through fall and winter and covered in Midnight in Moscow. I prefer it to the other OPI fall/winter staple Lincoln Park After Dark because of it’s ruby undertones.

So I’m going to start shaking it up and luckily this season there are tons of awesome, surprisingly gender neutral tones to choose from. Taupes, greys, greens and dark blues and purples are in, so even if you can’t share your girlfriend’s clothes because they aren’t your style/size, at least you two can share nail polish this fall!

Power Clutch by Essie via http://www.mynailpolishonline.com

Let’s start with Essie’s Power Clutch. The color is a gray-green and it’s cute and edgy without being too feminine. Grrls can use this color to add an edge to their look and boi’s who like to paint their nails will find this to be a great alternative to black. Personally I plan to rock this color with a lacy pink tube dress and a leather jacket. OPI has a similar color for this fall, called “Uh Oh Roll Down the Window” which is inspired by New York City. It’s more of an olive green and def worth checking out for girls who are into green but don’t want to look like they have grass growing on their fingernails.

A Taupe the Space Needle via www.nailstah.com

A Taupe the Space Needle via http://www.nailstah.com

OPI is also getting into the gender-neutral trend this season with “A Taupe the Space Needle.” This color is inspired by Seattle, WA and is a pretty taupe with camel undertones. Grrls can match their fishnets to this color while bois can rock it with a burgundy tie. For those of you who want your taupe without the hint of brown, you can

French Quarter for Your Thoughts

check out Essie’s Glamour Purse, which is a truer taupe. Or, as they describe it on their website “almond taupe.”

If it’s grey you are after, a great choice is “French Quarter for Your Thoughts” by OPI. This color is inspired by (duh) New Orleans Lousiana!  Grey goes with everything and will give you a clean and professional look, while still being unique.

I got my nails done yesterday and I chose Essie’s Sexy Divide (what does that even mean?). It’s a purple so dark it’s almost black. I love it but it’s a little too close to Midnight in Moscow, so I think I’m going for Power Clutch next time.

What will you be wearing this fall?

Disclaimer: I don’t get any kickbacks from OPI or Essie, they just happen to be the only brands I wear. But if you are reading marketing teams, a kickback would be awesome, thanks!