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Arrgghh Matey's! I'm a half ass pirate brought to you by Playboy!

We’re finally moving on from Halloween around here. I know, I know. It’s been a pretty wild ride that made my blog a little NSFW. But the time has come to move on…sadly. All I can say is, I hope your Halloween involved women wearing nothing but bodypaint and/or plush Dalmation pasties. I know mine did! Anywho, back to business as usual.

Raise your hand if you check your horoscope every morning. I know my hand is up. I also read the horoscope for my wife and best friend…and out loud to my co-worker, so we can talk about what kind of day she’s going to have. Some of us take our astrological signs more seriously than others.

In this episode of the Minority Report, I, along with bloggers Cynthia and Brandi, tackle the concept of dating according to zodiac sign. Do you think sign compatibility is an important component to take into consideration when starting a new relationship or even accepting a date? Two of us think you should, one of us dissents.

Okay fine, I was going to make you watch the video to see, but I’m the one who dissents. I like horoscopes, they are fun and help you have a positive attitude. Like, if my horoscope says something good is going to happen to me today, I get extra excited. Even if I did stumble upon human feces on the way to work this morning, a good horoscope can completely turn my day around. But I don’t think it’s worth it to rule out a potential relationship because of sign incompatibility. That’s taking horoscopes WAY too far.

Watch to find out our reasoning and then join the debate in the comments! (P.s. The audio is low, so turn up da noise turn up da funk on your audio before you press play, as the kids say)

This video originally appeared here: http://bgalife.com/?p=1313