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Yeah, those are way too sexy to be real.

I’m a big believer in the power of a great bra. Push-up or padded, if you got ’em you might as well make them look great right?! I was recently informed that not everyone thinks this way. Some of you, apparently, are disappointed when you whip out your best “one handed bra unsnap” trick and…then…they’re smaller than advertised. Like, way smaller. Is that really so awful? You’re still going to sleep with a hot chick and her boobs are still hawt! So suck it up! And when I say “suck it up” I’m not just talking to my homogrrls, I’m including straight men in this too.

It could be worse, you could be a straight chick who has to deal with the “unveiling.” Straight/bi ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ about. Gold stars-just go about your business and don’t worry about it.

Straight women have even LESS of an idea of what they are getting into and it has the potential to be a lot worse. Scary worse.

Anywho, let’s get to the question from a girl who loves to push ’em up.

Hi Femme,
I recently bought a bra that has gel filled inserts. It makes my A-cup boobies look incredible. It’s become my standard date bra. I’ve been out with this girl I like four times and the last time, we had a really hot makeout sesh at my place. While we were kissing she tried to feel up my boobs but I had to put the kibosh on it (I didn’t want her to realize my boobs felt like tiny water balloons) and she went home soon after.

She hasn’t called in 2 days and I’m flipping out. I liked her a lot, but what if she thinks I’m not into her anymore? What if we do see each other again and I take my bra off and she realizes I’m not as well endowed as I led her to believe? Should I just toss the bra and the girl and start over?


Thanks for writing in! Oh gosh, don’t throw away the girl or the bra! Look, it’s not dishonest to make the most of your assets. Dating is frequently about selling yourself to the other person, it would be nice if looks didn’t figure into the equation but they do, at least in the beginning. However, you’ve been on four dates with this chick and she probably likes you for your personality too.

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Amazing at any size, amirite?!

Plenty of girls wear padded or push-up bras, just ask anyone who’s accidentally brushed up against me at a bar. it’s a great alternative to breast implants and it’s an easy confidence booster. You are not alone. I believe it was Chilly of TLC that said, “Don’t get implants, just push ‘em up!” It was either her, or Shakespeare. I forget which one.

Anyway call your girl, ask her out on a date for a weekend night so she knows you like her enough to spend a precious weekend night with her. If you two get down and dirty after your date, just take the bra off like it’s no big deal. If you treat it like it ain’t no thang, she won’t think anything of it. She’s probably seen her share of padding in her life. If you make the mistake of being dramatic about it, she might think you are crazy. Remember, chances are she’s giving her ladies a little boost too.
Good luck ABC! Let us know how it goes.

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