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Happy Holidays lovelies! The Hot Femme household is an interfaith household. So let’s celebrate the holidays with this delightful Hanukkah Cat:

Holidays are better con gatos!

Now on to Christmas! You’re here to see if Santa is real or not right? Well BEHOLD Santa is not only real, but unlike Hot Femme, who spent Christmas Eve frantically wrapping gifts, Santa had time to get low. Obvs he is not a procrastinator. Does anyone else feel like the holidays surprise them every year, even though you should see them coming after 27 years on earth? Ooorr is it just me?

My sister was walking to the Subway in Brooklyn, so she could get to my Manhattan pied-à-terre and she caught Santa getting funky on top of an ambulance! He was surrounded by EMS, Cops and adorable children with their loving parents, of course.

Have a great Holiday and stay safe.


The Femme