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It’s Superbowl weekend! Exciting! Right? Okay, I’m sooo not a huge sports fan. In fact…I don’t enjoy any type of sport at all. Soooo this weekend, Hot Femme is having a girls weekend in with some yummy posts about makeup. It doesn’t get girlier than that!

I have a confession, I have short eyelashes. I can’t go a day without beauty companies promising me that their mascara will give me the long, voluminous lashes of my dreams. Yeah, it’s not happening without photoshop.
Maybelline Blackest Black Great Lash mascara Pictures, Images and Photos

There are so many choices; do you want the doll look? Crazy colors? Curling? Waterproof? Non-clumping? Do you want a comb mascara brush or a curved bristle brush? I don’t offing know, to be honest. The long standing staple of mascara has been Maybelline Great Lash mascara. The pink bottle, the green top, you can’t go wrong with a classic.

I used to layer Victoria Secret’s mascara with Maybelline Great Lash to give me the illusion of lashes. Buuut I just switched to Sephora Fiberwig mascara and I kind of like it.

It’s pricey at 24$ a tube, but it’s worth it for a one swipe experience in the morning. I really only recommend it if your like me and your lashes need an extra (extra) boost. If you have naturally long lashes, skip the Fiberwig, it’s harder to get off and more expensive.

My cousin, who’s lashes always look great, layers TooFaced Lashgasm with Neutrogena Healthy Volume. For that special mix of boutique and drugstore brands, which is a good way to get great lashes without breaking your bank.

What kind of mascara do you use? Do you have any tips?