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Today is my birthday! The official day of self indulgence. I have a love/hate relationships with birthdays because on one hand, you’re older but on the other hand, it’s like your own personal national holiday.

I’m 28 years old today (although I totally have the skin of a 27 year old, Thanks Oil of Olay! WINK) and I’m totally indulging myself with my favorite thing. You guys know what I love? A good meme. They keep me amused for hours. But there’s totally a dearth of memes by lesbians for lesbians. What every queer girl needs is a meme of her own. So I’ve created a few for us, just for funsies. Enjoy!


Forever Alone

Unrequited lesbian love

It actually requires a lot of planning. Holla fantasy nerds!

Let's go for it, ladies. Let's ask the deep questions.

The aftermath of sleeping with your ex's ex

Because I had to0