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Whoy, Ah gots me an award Oi did! (that's my Cockney accent)

The lovely Conchsaladesque gave me a Liebster blog award! Woohoo. I rarely win anything, so this is a pretty big deal in Hot Femme land. Ahem, even if it came with the caveat that you need to read a few of my posts before you ‘get it.’ That’s her subtle way of saying, “this chick is cray cray.” But I’ll take it!

The Liebster Blog Award is all about  spotlighting newer, up-and-coming blogs that typically have less than 200 followers. 200 huh? To quote Petey Pablo, I ain’t quite there yet, but I’m getting better at it. Like Fight Club, there are rules to getting a Liebster Blog Award. Let’s peruse them together.

The Rules of Acceptance:

  • Copy and paste the award on your blog
  • Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
  • Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  • Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers

Does this sound kind of like a chain letter? Yeaaahhh. Iz ok. I don’t know how to choose just FIVE blogs to recommend, because I read and love a whole bunch. But I guess here are the ones I’m the most obsessed with.

Camilla at Girls Are Made of Pepsi: Camilla is the authority on all things queer. She’s smart, funny, fashionable and has a knack for knowing the kind of pop culture stories that interest 20-something lezzies. Also- she’s just supa fly.

Bren at Buzz Cuts and Bustiers: This is one of the first WordPress blogs I read. I love it! Bren is the ultimate expert on queer boi/grrl stuff. Anyone who loves all things boi needs to check it out, ASAP.

Lame Adventures Woman at Lame Adventures: The writing on this blog is tight. Lame Adventures takes everyday tasks and makes them hilarious. I have literally snorted coffee out of my nose while reading, so be prepared.

The Queer Girl in the City:  I like this blog because it’s honest and fun but also highlights some important issues like sexism, misogyny and homophobia. It takes skill to tackle issues like this in a relatable way, but she def does.

Tatiana at ParisianFeline: Very few things leave me speechless, but this blog usually does. Tatiana tackles topics such as beauty and the meaning of friendship in a way that will make you think…for awhile. She wrote one of my favorite blog posts ever with: Being Ugly and the Power of Beauty 

Ack! There are a ton of other blogs I want to include. Basically, if I take the time to comment on your blog, it means I heart you and your writing. Happy Saturday everyone!